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Thirty years ago Penn South began an unprecedented social experiment.

              Here are the results……..


Thirty years ago, the leadership of the Penn South Co-op — backed by cooperators like you — began an unprecedented social experiment to improve the quality of life for all who live in our community.  Initially we focused on the elderly, the largest and most vulnerable group at the time.


A wide array of necessary services were developed, never before made available in a housing cooperative.


 Today we provide the following to Penn South Seniors:


  • Health promotion and fitness programs as well as art, music and drama classes, indoor gardening, computer training, lectures, concerts, and discussion groups.
  • On-site social work services, including: care coordination, crisis intervention, counseling regarding Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap and other benefits.
  • Health care management by on-site nurses who monitor frail homebound residents. On-site nurses provide short-term health care assistance and monitoring after a fall, illness or hospital discharge.
  • Intervention and counseling for cooperators who become disoriented, posing a threat to themselves and their neighbors.


Since 1986, we helped thousands of seniors cope with their changing needs. In recognition of creating the first supportive on-site housing program of its kind, our Penn South Co-op was named the first NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community) in the United States.


PSSS enhances the lives of all who live in Penn South

  • Our Falls Prevention Program is open to everyone.
  • PS-HOPS (Penn South Home Organized Personal Services) provides health services at reduced prices including home health aides, emergency response systems, hearing and eyeglass services, and non-prescription pharmacy discounts for those 18 years and over.
  • We sponsor The Music Club, in which all genres of music are performed and concerts are open to all cooperators.
  • We sponsor the new Art/Sketch Sessions for adults 17+.
  • We support the Parents Committee and work with other groups as we seek to develop new programs to serve our entire community.

Help us build on the success you made possible


You made our last fund drive an enormous success by responding with great generosity. THANK YOU!

We cannot be complacent. We still need to raise funds for the expanding number of people we serve and for the increased services we provide.

Thirty years ago, the leadership of Penn South, supported by our extraordinary community, created the country’s most innovative program in a housing complex.  We ask for your continued help to maintain our pioneering tradition, while together we enhance the lives of our entire Penn South community.

Please download and fill out the form below when making your tax exempt contribution. Please make your check payable to PSSS and send to: PSSS, 290 Ninth Ave., NY, NY 10001, or bring your check to the PSSS/PSPS office, 290 9th Avenue. Penn South Social Services, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization.


Thank you for your support,


Gary Schoichet, President





Matthew Kahn, Executive Director







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Penn South Social Services, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Non-Profit Organization